Dwelling among the tombs

Sunday May 22,2016

Message title:


Dwelling among the tombs


Dwelling in captivity of:



-Astra influence


Gen 6:5 Says the thought of men is constantly evil

Job said the days of men are full of evil.


Scripture Reading:

Mark 5:1-16.


The mad man of Gadarah

He was very popular

He was a living man living among the dead

Where was his family?


But one day he met the master, and his story changed.

Your story must change now.


How many are here who have been abandoned.

No friend, no associates,

Liaison with the dead but living

No money, no friend no family

But behold, the master will meet you today.


Everyone who have abandoned you shall prepare your celebration, in the name of Jesus.



Oh God arise, let my story change

(Cry for a change of story now)


I decree, that chain, linking you to defeat, be broken in the name of Jesus.

Every covenant linking you to defeat and shame be broken….


What is dwelling among the Tombs?


-living in a shell

-adjust your life to  a life of nobody cares.

-a life of no hope

-a life of comparison.

-you allow the judgment of this world to make you sad.


But today, you will come out of that tomb, in the name of Jesus.


Ask me HOW?


Luke 16:22

“And it came to pass…

Note this words beloved,

It came to pass..


Nothing is permanent in life.

The rich will die,

The poor will die.


The bible says, heaven and hell will pass away, only His word will stand.


The story of the rich man and Lazarus touched me deeply

-so a man suffering like this can still enjoy heavenly blessings .one day.

-torment of life is for a short time

-worldly riches, peace, recognitions,

do fly away


“And it came to pass.

Today, that long promises from heaven,

That long time hope, prophecy, SHALL come to pass.


There is Power in relationship between  the company you keep and your progress



Ask yourself.

All your unfriendly friends must depart.


Look inside the church, you must be able to find someone whose values correspond with your own.



Beloved, how do you know you are already in a tomb and need to run.

This group put a man in a cage.


Run away from:









Know it all



Party friends





You need:


Holy friends

Destiny friends

Excellent friends

Prayer friends



-A real born again cannot be a pretender.

-Don’t participate in anything unproductive

Don’t discuss your problem with those who cannot contribute

-Flee from Those who are living a clueless life.

-Decide to fortify your live with good friend.

Anyone who leave you means their role in your life is finished.

-Don’t be yoked with unbelievers

There is no unity with darkness by children of light.



Finally beloved,

Mark 5:19

Go home and show to the world that the chains are broken, and you are free.

Go and give glory to the Lord.


Bow down your head and pray:

Where have you compromise?

Ask the Lord to forgive you.


SUNDAY MAY 15,2016

Let us rise up and pray this two important prayers before proceeding:-


  1. Powers, confusing my Christian life, scatter.
  2. my umbrella of dishonesty, catch fire.


Peace be unto you

For 2000 years, we have been crucifying one man, but this morning, it’s my job to wake his positive side up.

Message title:


Scripture reading:

John 20:19-29

Life is a constantly moving issue

Life is never stagnant

When we are stagnant,

We believe we are stuck in the wheel.

We are having a strange set of Christians living the life of Passivity Life of: 



-all is well.

-everything goes.

-preach it pastor….

If God really want us to be a speechless, dumb and voiceless generation, will He in His glory create:



To think and talk wisdom wise.

Thomas is known as Dydimus,

Which means twins

No one ever refers to him as Thomas the twins, they refers to him as “the doubter”

What does it means to be a doubter

-what if I cannot measure up to the required standard?

-what if I fail this assignment?

-is this effort worth making?

-am not sure if this step is right?

-should I marry her or not?

Doubt in one area can create uncertainty in many areas.

If you have this spirit, Mr Thomas will understand you.

Like other apostles, Thomas walked with Jesus

He was one of the twelve.

2000 years later, we still call him doubting Thomas.

So the question is:

Why do we always throw out the good things a man does, and remember the weakness?

I knew the Thomas we are talking about today very well.

Ask me why?

-He is inquisitive..

-Loves to know,

-He is faithful to the core.

John 14:1-4

Jesus was preparing the disciples for what is about to come.

They all sat there looking as if they understand, and they DO NOT.

That’s Pretence.

Hailing the preachers preaching and still you cannot grab the real and full meaning of what he is preaching on.

Oh yah, hum (sigh of Pretence)

That is our reactions to issues.

But, What he said in verse 5 plainly shows that he is a real man.

Straight talk, plain, practical man.

Many Christians need deliverance.

After Jesus Resurrected,

The fame of his Resurrection went abroad.

And that’s where Thomas got his name.

Let us picture it,

What Thomas was saying to others was:-

-did you really saw the Messiah?

-did you touch Him?

-why should I believe a bunch of you liars who abandon Jesus at the crucial hour only to resurface with another bunch of rumor of his Resurrection?

That’s a real man’s reaction.

Passion and Pain coexist

-Unless I see his hands, the nail print, I will not believe.

The messiah have transformed his life.

He witnessed all the miracles, healings

But in between the “price of the Cross and the promise of the Resurrection, Thomas doubted.

He proved two things:

-you can have faith, see miracles and

-still have questions.

Apostles Paul said:

“That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection (he too sound as a doubter)Phil 3:10

Ask questions when it is still not clear.

What am drumming inside you is ALWAYS Insist on Validation.

Everyone has doubt, even if you think you are clever.

You are not faithless because you have questions.

If you don’t have questions, something is wrong with you.

Your doubt can never, never define your life.

Thomas doubted, yes, but he made a great disciple.

Doubt is not the same as Unbelief

Doubt always look for fact.

Doubt is trusting Jesus to prove his faith.

Doubt is disagreeing with others.

It is Reservation of faith.

It means I have no clue, but am staying here Until I find out.

If you don’t have a clue to Tithe blessing, you can never be a faithful thither.

Answers are only found in places where questions exist.

The enemy have many convinced that “that thing(sickness, failure etc)can not be corrected.

But the inquisitive mind always found out and are led to their place of blessing.

Learn this beloved,

Jesus loves you, and when you take Him to test, He will prove himself to you.

He is the only disciple that touch Jesus after the Resurrection

-to Mary Magdalene (John 20:17)

who first saw Jesus, she was not allowed to touch Him

He knew how Jesus felt.

He touch Him, others don’t

Doubt brings out the spirit of revelation in him.(John 20:28)

So from today, take ALWAYS the bold step of:

“I want to know you, and the power of your resurrection”.

And the result is Jesus revealing Himself to you.

God bless you all.


Destiny is a Moving Target.

SUNDAY MAY 1st,2016


By Pastor Kayode Olaniran




Destiny is a Moving Target.


3 Scripture reading:-

1-Ps 39:7

2-2 Cor 4:8-9

3-Hebrews 10:35-36


I want to address what I called a Parked Spirit.

For us to understand this message, I want to ask you a simple question::


-Have you ever tried to steer a parked car?

It is a difficult task.


So do you know that a parked spirit is difficult to steer.

So also, God cannot steer a parked spirit man.


Your destiny is a moving target, not a straight line.

You must pursue what is in your heart,

Not giving up.


What is a Parked Spirit?

-at a dead end for answer

-giving up easily to defeat

-throwing in the towel, like in a boxing bout.

-the fuel to continue is gone

-when the situation seems fuzzy, dark,

-when Gen 1:2 three arrows are in operation.(Arrows of Voidless, Formless and Darkness)


There is a bus stop called “This is how far God has helped me.

A bus stop of hopelessness



Thank the Lord, that He is not through with you.

If He is through with you, as you are through with Him, we should have had your  burial ceremony last week.

But He is gracious, faithful, ever present.


Do not deceive yourself, the battle that will kill you will not settle for a comma.


Beloved, your destiny is an ever moving target, not a straight line.

Daily you are required to be correcting your course, not rigid.


That’s why one proverb says,

-as long as men have learnt to shoot without missing, Birds have also learnt to fly without perching.


“Your destiny is a moving target”


Micah 6:8

God is expecting from us this 3 things:


-love mercy

-walk humbly with God


Anytime  this 3 things are missing from your life,

-heaven sees you as a loser

-now your Aura you present to men of the world is like this door mat that says:



What is your Motive in  life as a Christian?

-your own is Curiosity

-or you just wanted to get something out of Jesus(to be blessed and get out of the church)

-Or a strong divine desire to encounter the Truth.


But if the zeal to love, trust and obey Him is no more,

-the heat is gone, rats and cockroaches will begin to nest in this type of heart.


“Your destiny, is a moving target”

You must NEVER miss or waste your chance.



Sunday April 24,2016

Message title:


7 tragic words from heaven.

In this month of deliverance of the mind,

We are rounding up as we are looking at the tree and its fruit.

7 Terrible words from heaven.

Scripture reading:-

Matt 7:15-23


From chapters 1,2,&3

-chapter one speaks of his values.

Four great attributes are ascribed to Job: perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed[shunned] evil. His life could not have been more exemplary.

-chapter 2 speaks of how Job recognized that both good and evil come from God’s hand, though one by His active will and the other by His permissive will.

-chapter 3 speaks of a man with whose spirit is broken, weighed down by his surroundings.

Let us start this message by dealing with earthly comments before going to spiritual and heavenly comments.

Here on earth, many are fond of

-wishing they have never met others.

Husband say this to their wives,

“I wish i never met you”

Friends do the same.

Even some parents uttered the same to their children.

I came across a door mat that says

“Shit, not you again”

Am praying for you,

The blood of Jesus, shall wipe away, any evil Anointed tongue that have expressed this statement to you.

-We have “Over my dead body” expression

-We have “even if heaven come down syndrome “,I will not do this, and they always do.

Why should you, a child of God utter those and many others that cannot be mentioned.

Proverbs 21:19

It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry woman.

That woman, man, there is YOU.

Can we say the garment you show up today, is the same you have all the week.

Now, enough of the worldly comments on you, let us move to the most tragic heavenly comment.

Matt 7:23

I never knew you, you are a worker of iniquity.

Despite all the casting out of demons,

Despite all the healing crusade,

Despite all the prophecies,

They are all works of Iniquity.

At the end of the day,

All is worthless.

This is the most tragic word ever to be spoken to Christian

In Gen 3:9

God called unto Adam,

“Where are thou”

Put your name there and say

-Kayode, where are thou?

We will know soon,

where your values are,

so are your thought lives.

That word, where art thou, is a sign of Lost Destiny.

If you are here today, and you have lost your bearing,

The Resurrection power of God shall fall on you, and the scale, upon your eyes shall disappear.

What will happen to all your:




On that day,

No lawyer to stand for you,

no appeal.

Luke 16:24-25

Father Abraham kept saying the same thing to that man:

“Son, remember, Son, remember.

-remember when you steal your tithe.

-remember the man you are secretly sleeping with.

-remember your fake behavior of holier than thou.

-remember the lies and deception you are good at.

Do you know,

-that many will “almost get to heaven”

But beloved, almost is not perfection.

Nowadays, we see and belief that many are sure of a place in the heavenly place because of their display in churches.

But in heaven, the certificate in their hands actually read:


-almost there can never make rapture

-almost there can never hear “Welcome you good and obedient servant.

-almost there is a man with an underwear of hypocrisy

Today, you have another chance

One more chance, to repent and retrace your step.

If you don’t, the age of mercy may not come.

And the gate of mercy may be closed.

Tremble today, because the 7 tragic words may come anytime.


Rise up:-

Bow down your head, and begin to ask the Lord,

-to readjust your life, to take away whatever is in your life that will allow the voice of


To sound on you, must be cut off.

2-I reject to be a borrowed Vessel, in the name of Jesus.

Compromise will produce Captivity

Sunday April 17,2016.

Message title:

Compromise will produce Captivity.

Scripture reading:-

2 Peter 1:1-12

Am starting this message by this 2 words of  Encouragement:

A-The enemy cannot enter your house if you don’t open the door.

A stupid man will open the door of his house to allow him to come and destroy his home.

B-Power of  Dominion.

You have been given power to take control of your mind and thought.

Matt 14:14-19

Stop limiting yourself,

Stop begging your contacts for help.

He that is joined to the Lord is one Spirit with Him.

Am saying look at heaven, not this world.

If you are looking at this world, you will always compromise.

There are values you must not compromise.

Others may be doing it, you cannot.

Compromise will produce Captivity.

Proverbs 4:1-9

When you embrace good values,

You will be Honored soon.

You will see others doing things that are contrary to your believe,

don’t worry, a day is coming when “Honor” will be crowned on your head.

Learn to Walk uprightly:

No one can make a crab to walk upright.

The vision is for an appointed time.

Hold on to it.

Listen, it is better to marry late than marry wrong.

If you marry wrong, it can destroy everything, including your Destiny.

Walk upright.

It is expensive for you to take shortcuts.

Captivity is around the corner.

Evil Counsel:

Beware of workers of iniquity,

Those so called friends.

So ask yourself,

Whose Counsel do you always follow?

God or man?

If it is God,

You will be crucified to Total Obedience

If it’s man,

It is called Satisfying the arm of flesh.

Who have believe our reports?


You can deceive everyone,

But you cannot deceive yourself.

You cannot embrace the same value as others, because everyone has different and distinct character.

Look at Rebecca, two nations were in her womb,

Jacob and Esau,

That’s why they cannot behave the same.


The value that takes you to that top position will sustain you there,

BUT, if you allow character defect, it will ruin you.

While others may, you cannot.

You must never allow the confidence of God in you to be shaken.

It is expensive for your faith to loose sight of the Cross one minute.

Satan goes around and is looking for the one to devour.

Why did God gave Joshua this commandment?

Joshua 1:8

“this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth,

You shall meditate in it day and night”


Because evil doers are around,

That’s why the bible says,

Satan can masquerade himself as the Angel of Light.

Enemy Fire

Many born again Christian are warming themselves in the enemy fire and they are getting comfortable like Peter.

(Luke 22:55-61)

Compromise will lead to Captivity.

NOTE:-When purpose is not known, abusive is inevitable.

Your purpose in life have a way lined up in heaven for you to achieved it.

Look up to Jesus,

He is the author and finisher of your faith.

So when you fail,

When you have disappointed your God,

GO BACK, and start all over again.

It is not too late to start all over.

Paul said something deep:-

Romans 17:15

That I don’t want to do, I keep doing it.

How many are here today, fighting silently with:

-your hand


-view of life

-perception of things

-to be acceptable and recognized.

I pray, in the name of Jesus, His grace shall see you through.

Don’t forget where God have taken you from when it is good for you.

If a river forget his source, the river will dry.

Pray this prayer:-

Father, reveal to me why you save my life.

His righteousness get things done

Am saying when you get result,

men will come to celebrate you.

Just refuse to compromise.

-I pray you will not compromise.

-I pray, the world will not overcome you.

-Am praying for you again,

the power that drew Gehazi away from being one of the greatest prophets will not manifest over you. Amen.