SUNDAY MAY 15,2016

Let us rise up and pray this two important prayers before proceeding:-


  1. Powers, confusing my Christian life, scatter.
  2. my umbrella of dishonesty, catch fire.


Peace be unto you

For 2000 years, we have been crucifying one man, but this morning, it’s my job to wake his positive side up.

Message title:


Scripture reading:

John 20:19-29

Life is a constantly moving issue

Life is never stagnant

When we are stagnant,

We believe we are stuck in the wheel.

We are having a strange set of Christians living the life of Passivity Life of: 



-all is well.

-everything goes.

-preach it pastor….

If God really want us to be a speechless, dumb and voiceless generation, will He in His glory create:



To think and talk wisdom wise.

Thomas is known as Dydimus,

Which means twins

No one ever refers to him as Thomas the twins, they refers to him as “the doubter”

What does it means to be a doubter

-what if I cannot measure up to the required standard?

-what if I fail this assignment?

-is this effort worth making?

-am not sure if this step is right?

-should I marry her or not?

Doubt in one area can create uncertainty in many areas.

If you have this spirit, Mr Thomas will understand you.

Like other apostles, Thomas walked with Jesus

He was one of the twelve.

2000 years later, we still call him doubting Thomas.

So the question is:

Why do we always throw out the good things a man does, and remember the weakness?

I knew the Thomas we are talking about today very well.

Ask me why?

-He is inquisitive..

-Loves to know,

-He is faithful to the core.

John 14:1-4

Jesus was preparing the disciples for what is about to come.

They all sat there looking as if they understand, and they DO NOT.

That’s Pretence.

Hailing the preachers preaching and still you cannot grab the real and full meaning of what he is preaching on.

Oh yah, hum (sigh of Pretence)

That is our reactions to issues.

But, What he said in verse 5 plainly shows that he is a real man.

Straight talk, plain, practical man.

Many Christians need deliverance.

After Jesus Resurrected,

The fame of his Resurrection went abroad.

And that’s where Thomas got his name.

Let us picture it,

What Thomas was saying to others was:-

-did you really saw the Messiah?

-did you touch Him?

-why should I believe a bunch of you liars who abandon Jesus at the crucial hour only to resurface with another bunch of rumor of his Resurrection?

That’s a real man’s reaction.

Passion and Pain coexist

-Unless I see his hands, the nail print, I will not believe.

The messiah have transformed his life.

He witnessed all the miracles, healings

But in between the “price of the Cross and the promise of the Resurrection, Thomas doubted.

He proved two things:

-you can have faith, see miracles and

-still have questions.

Apostles Paul said:

“That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection (he too sound as a doubter)Phil 3:10

Ask questions when it is still not clear.

What am drumming inside you is ALWAYS Insist on Validation.

Everyone has doubt, even if you think you are clever.

You are not faithless because you have questions.

If you don’t have questions, something is wrong with you.

Your doubt can never, never define your life.

Thomas doubted, yes, but he made a great disciple.

Doubt is not the same as Unbelief

Doubt always look for fact.

Doubt is trusting Jesus to prove his faith.

Doubt is disagreeing with others.

It is Reservation of faith.

It means I have no clue, but am staying here Until I find out.

If you don’t have a clue to Tithe blessing, you can never be a faithful thither.

Answers are only found in places where questions exist.

The enemy have many convinced that “that thing(sickness, failure etc)can not be corrected.

But the inquisitive mind always found out and are led to their place of blessing.

Learn this beloved,

Jesus loves you, and when you take Him to test, He will prove himself to you.

He is the only disciple that touch Jesus after the Resurrection

-to Mary Magdalene (John 20:17)

who first saw Jesus, she was not allowed to touch Him

He knew how Jesus felt.

He touch Him, others don’t

Doubt brings out the spirit of revelation in him.(John 20:28)

So from today, take ALWAYS the bold step of:

“I want to know you, and the power of your resurrection”.

And the result is Jesus revealing Himself to you.

God bless you all.


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