Dwelling among the tombs

Sunday May 22,2016

Message title:


Dwelling among the tombs


Dwelling in captivity of:



-Astra influence


Gen 6:5 Says the thought of men is constantly evil

Job said the days of men are full of evil.


Scripture Reading:

Mark 5:1-16.


The mad man of Gadarah

He was very popular

He was a living man living among the dead

Where was his family?


But one day he met the master, and his story changed.

Your story must change now.


How many are here who have been abandoned.

No friend, no associates,

Liaison with the dead but living

No money, no friend no family

But behold, the master will meet you today.


Everyone who have abandoned you shall prepare your celebration, in the name of Jesus.



Oh God arise, let my story change

(Cry for a change of story now)


I decree, that chain, linking you to defeat, be broken in the name of Jesus.

Every covenant linking you to defeat and shame be broken….


What is dwelling among the Tombs?


-living in a shell

-adjust your life to  a life of nobody cares.

-a life of no hope

-a life of comparison.

-you allow the judgment of this world to make you sad.


But today, you will come out of that tomb, in the name of Jesus.


Ask me HOW?


Luke 16:22

“And it came to pass…

Note this words beloved,

It came to pass..


Nothing is permanent in life.

The rich will die,

The poor will die.


The bible says, heaven and hell will pass away, only His word will stand.


The story of the rich man and Lazarus touched me deeply

-so a man suffering like this can still enjoy heavenly blessings .one day.

-torment of life is for a short time

-worldly riches, peace, recognitions,

do fly away


“And it came to pass.

Today, that long promises from heaven,

That long time hope, prophecy, SHALL come to pass.


There is Power in relationship between  the company you keep and your progress



Ask yourself.

All your unfriendly friends must depart.


Look inside the church, you must be able to find someone whose values correspond with your own.



Beloved, how do you know you are already in a tomb and need to run.

This group put a man in a cage.


Run away from:









Know it all



Party friends





You need:


Holy friends

Destiny friends

Excellent friends

Prayer friends



-A real born again cannot be a pretender.

-Don’t participate in anything unproductive

Don’t discuss your problem with those who cannot contribute

-Flee from Those who are living a clueless life.

-Decide to fortify your live with good friend.

Anyone who leave you means their role in your life is finished.

-Don’t be yoked with unbelievers

There is no unity with darkness by children of light.



Finally beloved,

Mark 5:19

Go home and show to the world that the chains are broken, and you are free.

Go and give glory to the Lord.


Bow down your head and pray:

Where have you compromise?

Ask the Lord to forgive you.

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