Sunday April 24,2016

Message title:


7 tragic words from heaven.

In this month of deliverance of the mind,

We are rounding up as we are looking at the tree and its fruit.

7 Terrible words from heaven.

Scripture reading:-

Matt 7:15-23


From chapters 1,2,&3

-chapter one speaks of his values.

Four great attributes are ascribed to Job: perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed[shunned] evil. His life could not have been more exemplary.

-chapter 2 speaks of how Job recognized that both good and evil come from God’s hand, though one by His active will and the other by His permissive will.

-chapter 3 speaks of a man with whose spirit is broken, weighed down by his surroundings.

Let us start this message by dealing with earthly comments before going to spiritual and heavenly comments.

Here on earth, many are fond of

-wishing they have never met others.

Husband say this to their wives,

“I wish i never met you”

Friends do the same.

Even some parents uttered the same to their children.

I came across a door mat that says

“Shit, not you again”

Am praying for you,

The blood of Jesus, shall wipe away, any evil Anointed tongue that have expressed this statement to you.

-We have “Over my dead body” expression

-We have “even if heaven come down syndrome “,I will not do this, and they always do.

Why should you, a child of God utter those and many others that cannot be mentioned.

Proverbs 21:19

It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry woman.

That woman, man, there is YOU.

Can we say the garment you show up today, is the same you have all the week.

Now, enough of the worldly comments on you, let us move to the most tragic heavenly comment.

Matt 7:23

I never knew you, you are a worker of iniquity.

Despite all the casting out of demons,

Despite all the healing crusade,

Despite all the prophecies,

They are all works of Iniquity.

At the end of the day,

All is worthless.

This is the most tragic word ever to be spoken to Christian

In Gen 3:9

God called unto Adam,

“Where are thou”

Put your name there and say

-Kayode, where are thou?

We will know soon,

where your values are,

so are your thought lives.

That word, where art thou, is a sign of Lost Destiny.

If you are here today, and you have lost your bearing,

The Resurrection power of God shall fall on you, and the scale, upon your eyes shall disappear.

What will happen to all your:




On that day,

No lawyer to stand for you,

no appeal.

Luke 16:24-25

Father Abraham kept saying the same thing to that man:

“Son, remember, Son, remember.

-remember when you steal your tithe.

-remember the man you are secretly sleeping with.

-remember your fake behavior of holier than thou.

-remember the lies and deception you are good at.

Do you know,

-that many will “almost get to heaven”

But beloved, almost is not perfection.

Nowadays, we see and belief that many are sure of a place in the heavenly place because of their display in churches.

But in heaven, the certificate in their hands actually read:


-almost there can never make rapture

-almost there can never hear “Welcome you good and obedient servant.

-almost there is a man with an underwear of hypocrisy

Today, you have another chance

One more chance, to repent and retrace your step.

If you don’t, the age of mercy may not come.

And the gate of mercy may be closed.

Tremble today, because the 7 tragic words may come anytime.


Rise up:-

Bow down your head, and begin to ask the Lord,

-to readjust your life, to take away whatever is in your life that will allow the voice of


To sound on you, must be cut off.

2-I reject to be a borrowed Vessel, in the name of Jesus.

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