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Go Extra Miles

SUNDAY JULY 24,2016 MESSAGE TITLE:- GO EXTRA MILE. ***************** Working Scripture Prov 24:1-10 There is a powerful spirit known as the spirit of confusion. Many are behaving as if they are under a spell or hypnotism. Chaos,disorder,purposelessness are the order of the day in many lives Pray:- My father,let my life continually confuse my enemies […]

Zaccheaus,The Zeal for Christ

SUNDAY JULY 10,2016. Scripture Reading :- Hosea 2:1- end. Message TITLE:- ZACCHAEUS-ZEAL FOR CHRIST ******************************** There is no character in life called Laziness. No man is lazy. When you see a man who love to sit on the Soffa and watched Tv day and night,he is not a lazy man. He simply direct his zeal […]


SUNDAY JUNE 26,2016 3 Scripture Readings:- -Matt 5 :22, -2Peter 3:2-4, -Psalm 10:1-13. MESSAGE TITLE:  RIDICULE. WHAT IS RIDICULE : A word or action of a man aimed to MOCK OR MAKE FUN of a thing or others . Ridicule is -Contempt of, -Scorn -Belittle -Insult -Laugh at -Make fun of. Ridicule is the opposite of:- […]


SUNDAY JUNE 26,2016 3 Scripture Readings:- -Matt 5 :22, -2Peter 3:2-4, -Psalm 10:1-13. MESSAGE TITLE:- RIDICULE. ********* WHAT IS RIDICULE :- A word or action of a man aimed to MOCK OR MAKE FUN of a thing or others . Ridicule is -Contempt of, -Scorn -Belittle -Insult -Laugh at -Make fun of. Ridicule is the […]


SUNDAY JUNE 12,2016 MESSAGE TITLE:-  WHAT MEN DO WHEN THEY “ARRIVED”. *************************** Scripture reading:- Haggai 1:1-4 Today, the Lord is speaking to us concerning our attitude after Answered prayers. Isaiah 59:2 talks about your INIQUITIES. That Ungratefulness, not coming back to show appreciation makes your Creator disappointed. But if you cannot show appreciation to Him, […]

Dwelling among the tombs

Sunday May 22,2016 Message title:   Dwelling among the tombs   Dwelling in captivity of: -mind -situation -Astra influence   Gen 6:5 Says the thought of men is constantly evil Job said the days of men are full of evil.   Scripture Reading: Mark 5:1-16.   The mad man of Gadarah He was very popular […]


SUNDAY MAY 15,2016 Let us rise up and pray this two important prayers before proceeding:- Pray: Powers, confusing my Christian life, scatter. my umbrella of dishonesty, catch fire. Greetings: Peace be unto you For 2000 years, we have been crucifying one man, but this morning, it’s my job to wake his positive side up. Message […]

Destiny is a Moving Target.

SUNDAY MAY 1st,2016   By Pastor Kayode Olaniran     MESSAGE TITLE: Destiny is a Moving Target.   3 Scripture reading:- 1-Ps 39:7 2-2 Cor 4:8-9 3-Hebrews 10:35-36   I want to address what I called a Parked Spirit. For us to understand this message, I want to ask you a simple question::   -Have […]


Sunday April 24,2016 Message title: “I NEVER KNEW YOU, DEPART FROM ME”. 7 tragic words from heaven. In this month of deliverance of the mind, We are rounding up as we are looking at the tree and its fruit. 7 Terrible words from heaven. Scripture reading:- Matt 7:15-23 THE LIFE OF JOB:- From chapters 1,2,&3 -chapter one […]