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Matt 11:7-17

In this text,our Lord Jesus Christ was referring to the violent expectations of the Jews on Messiah.

Their unwavering faith,
High courage,
And Endurance,
that one day,
The Messiah will come.

But now when He is around,
They refused to acknowledged Him.
With all the prophecies pointing to the root of David,they missed it.

That’s why Jesus was saying we have piped unto you,you refused to dance.
-all prophecies,
-signs and wonders,
That foretold His coming does not help them.

They are captured by unyielding spirit,an adamant spirit,the spirit of this is how we view it.

Working Scripture:-
Zechariah 7:8-14

The adamant spirit,and the unyielding spirit.
The prophet was warning the people here about the danger of “hardening your heart”.

Ignoring or refusing God’s warning hardens you each time you do wrong.

Your Samson,sleeping with the prostitute and manifesting on the altar,will be queried by your Delilah one day.

You make altar calls,
You listen to confession of sinners,
And you too is doing the same sin everyday.

A time will come,when the odour will stink to the heavenlies.

And that’s why we are looking at the danger of Adamant spirit.

Experience is not born with,
you learn experience.
So it is a great joy,if you,
as a child of God can learn and correct yourself from the Errors of others.
Prov 9:9

Many never really plan before they Proceed,
The failure a man faces does not start that day.
It is gradual.

You can go to church,for so many years and be ordained a deacon,deaconness,pastor,elder,
and not connected to the Lord.

We all know the story of the prodigal son.
Who is the worst prodigal son?
-the junior or the senior brother.
The senior? Why?

He was not connected to the father,although he was with the father 24/7.

That’s why after weeks of looking at the church of Eli in Shiloh,
Something crept up,

“How did this great move of God and His people began to drift towards Unyielding spirit of destruction?

Bend down your head,and ask the Holy Spirit this salient question,
“How did i end up here?
“How did i miss it?

It is good to start with the life of King Saul,
One time,he was dinning with the most powerful prophet in the land,
The other time,he was dinning with the witch of Endor.

Am praying for you,
Gradual decay will not infest your life in the name of Jesus.
(Give me a fire Amen pls)


Let us look at some Unyielding Spirit:-

1-Anger and Ego.
It is eating yourself,
It is fighting fire with fire.
The emptier the pot ,the faster it takes to boil.

When your life is getting empty of the Holy Spirit,
You get easily provoked,
And there is no true humility.

But if you are full of the Holy Spirit,
It will take a very long time for you to be angry,and the spirit of truth gives you holy humility.

1 John 2:16
Lusting is a very bad evil spirit.
Because of the love of sex,money,secret love affair,the world,
Many have destroyed their shining star.

They don’t want to hear any preacher touch that area of their lives.

Lust of the Eyes,
Lust of the flesh,
The pride of life.

Bow down your head,and search your life:-
“is there an area of your life you don’t want this preacher to preach on?
Ask the Lord to redeem you from the lusting..

Phil 4:6
Why do you worry when you can pray.
Reverse it,
Why Pray when you can worry.

Worry comes into a man gradually
It sucks your joy.
It kills your peace.
It drains your joy.

Be careful for nothing,
The bible says,
But with prayer and thanksgiving…

Worrying is a sin of not trusting God.
Putting God aside.

Pastor Eli must have been in this state.
-What if these set of people leave my church,what happens?
-if I preach too much on their weakness,maybe they get angry and leave the church?

When you worry,
Nervousness sets in.

4-Seared Conscience
The worst of them all is
“Seared conscience”
1 Tim 1:5-6 & 19.

All the:-
-profession of Christianity,
you are hearing daily,
They are supposed to lead you to Faith and a good conscience.

Your conscience is a God given monitor.
Some have:-
-Good conscience,
-seared conscience,
-strong and clear conscience.

Our conscience
-condemns us.
-commends us.
-Appreciates us.
-It brings peace, and satisfaction,
Only when the behaviour is good.

But on the other hand ,
Your conscience activate :-
When the behaviour is evil.

Romans 2: 14-15
[14] For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:
15] Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;) …

The Gentiles who do not have the law of Mosses are doing the proper things,
-don’t steal,
-not violent to others,
Because they have it in their heart written .

Clean,clear,sensitive,approving conscience belongs to every potential workforce of God.

Note this beloved:-
-if your conscience is gone,
life is gone.
-if your conscience is gone,
conviction is gone,
-holiness and righteousness is gone.

Keep your conscience in a spiritual phase that will not be polluted.
When you loose these 4 things,
Gradual backsliding and decay sets in.

But my concern goes out to those who says,
“I am who I am,by my efforts”
“I am who I am,by my strength”

Ezekiel 16:1-34 (NLT)
Am going to read it slowly so that it will sink in.

Let us rise up beloved:-
What is it that have made you to degenerate to not listening and loving God like before.
-identify it.
-cast it out,
-burn it with fire.

Begin to call on the Saviour to come inside your temple,NOW.

Many received blessings from the Lord,and then,they started raising their shoulders to the King of kings

How terrible.
“It have to be my time,not God again”.

Have you easily forgotten,
When you pray and fast and cry for that thing?
Where is your power at that time?

Everything you thought you have is like a house of cards.
A little breeze from the Lord will crumbles it.

Refused to be caged by the:
-elements of this world.
-powers of this world.
-influence of this world.
-fingers of this world.
-dressings of this world.
-Pretence of this world.
-ideas of this world.
All must expire.

When you allowed these things to manifest,
They start to rule your lives and gradually,
Your fellowship with the Holy Spirit is marred.

You stop yielding to His voice,His directions.
And finally,you received a cheap ticket to decay and hell.

1-Father,cast out every adamant spirit of hell from my life.
2-My movement will not become a monument in the name of Jesus.
3-The elements of this world will not separate me from my Rock,from the Holy Spirit.

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