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As you are sitting down,i want you to pray:-
The harvest of my breakthrough is ripe oh Lord,visit me in your mercy.
1 Samuel 3:1
Beloved,we are in a generation where we keep God at a distance.
The church is growing,
The membership is swelling day and night.
BUT,men of Vision and Power are absent.

Look at the church of Eli in Shiloh,
And compare it to our present gathering.
It is the same.

Lots of men going to the temple.
Lots of activities in our churches.
Good offerings and tithes are presented.
And the priest is preaching what they want to hear.
That’s why the sons of Eli are selecting what they want.

What else can we see.
One man domination.
Eli,and his children,
That’s all.

And that’s everywhere nowadays
Look at churches(like ours also)
Me and my family.
Where are the other co-labourers?

The interest to serve the Lord is absent.
Listen to this wise saying:
“A troubled mind does not have anyone to comfort them”.

It applied to Hannah,
Hannah grabbed the Altar and was crying alone there.
The sheeps are going astrayed.
The lust of the world is filling the church.
Strange music is in our gatherings now.
Women and men with Familiar spirit are titled holders in churches.
Christianity is becoming pathetic.

1-In the days of Daniel for example ,Daniel 5:5
Even in the banquet hall,
where they are feasting,
Heaven opened,and a finger appeared on the wall,writing the proclaimed judgement on them.

2-In the days of Noah,
Gen 6:4-5
Unimaginable things are happening
Men were eating and partying.
Angels came and were sleeping with the daughters of men.
Corruption was having a field day.

The filth of the earth was so much that it replaced the sweet aroma expected.
Heaven got tired,beloved
Judgement was pronounced in vs 13.

What is happening nowadays?
Have it occurred to you that the end is near.
The signs are there again.

3-In the days of Lot,
Gen 19:4-5
Abomination in the land,
Abominable things are around us.
Everyday,it’s happening,
Men wanting to sleep with men and Angels,again.

What are we doing ,we so called Christians??
Are we going to stand and look,
And take on the coat of “we war not”

On the contrary,
We are in the days of Jonah.
One man against a whole city.
Only the set man is hearing from God.

But God promised us,
In Joel 2:28,
“It shall come to pass”
Beloved ‘When’?

Beloved,when shall it happen again?
When will our generation be filled with the Holy Ghost again.

The real one,
The real Holy Ghost,
Am not talking about the one you are taught and trained.

Where are the Open Visions.
So where are the manifestations?

Eph 4:17-19
[17] This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the ‘vanity of their mind’,
18] Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:
19] Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. …

When we are growing up,
The church was on fire.
Every meeting there must be someone whom God put His Spirit on.

Nowadays,almost none.
The church is breeding fowls,chickens.
These are Floor animals,
who cannot fly or bite
Who are satisfied with the Crumbs

We are all interested in receiving from God.
We are not interested anymore in Infilling of the Holy Spirit.

What is in the Outstreached hand is what we are interested.
We are not interested in what we can do for God .

Every day,
Men and women are coming to Gods presence only for what they can get from His hands,
They avoid to look at His face.

Mosses came down from the mountain,
A man who dares look at Gods face,
But his fellow humans cannot look at him,

Search yourself,
And ask yourself this 3 Questions;
-Can you pray for the sick and something happened?
-When last do you hear from heaven.
-What is in your dreams?
Heavenly revelations or Worldly torments?

That’s why many Doctrines are springing up,
And they are thriving,
Because the members don’t know their left from their right.

Even nowadays,
Men are taught how to speak in tongue.
Beloved,It’s getting dramatic.

One will speak in tongue,that’s what is written,
The other will interprete.

-They are Lost to the world.
-Running for their stomach.
It’s time to move closer to God.

The church is breeding Chickens,
Chickens are Floor animals,
And whereas,
We are supposed to be High Flyers.
To mount up with wings as Eagles.
Tell your neighbor :

We saw:-
-laziness in spirit and physical.
-enjoyment galore/dancing and eating.
-negligence of warnings of Rightful living.Message of the Cross is absent.
-lust abound(where lust is reigning,true love is always absent)
-men rushing to (Shiloh) where they will be comfortable,
Where teachings and preachings are what they want to hear,and not to be pruned,and on fire.

MATT 28:18-20
Jesus Christ gave us 3 Commandments:-
-gave us power,
-preach the gospel,

We find it easy to dip men and women in waters nowadays.
We find it easy to distribute flyers,
advertise our churches and gatherings.

We find it easy to use social media networks to attract men to our gatherings.

But we neglect the last aspect-POWER.
Why are we becoming a wasted generation?
Gatherings of christian are turning cold.

We turn churches to dancing/disco clubs.
Worldly music,wriggling of waists is now common.
Gradually now,we are introducing Neon lights in some churches now.
Light meant for Disco clubs,
In Gods house.A shame.

As you are sitting down there now,
If there is a word of knowledge from God:
“We are going to be meeting here every day for 21days,
We are sleeping in this church and pray for deliverance of this nation.

How many do you think will come.
Especially when we say “it is for this nation”.
Are you going to turn up?

Why do we neglect the power aspect?
Now we have:
-Chickens in the house of God.
-lazy christian.
-pregnant men in our churches.

Chickens are fat,
Eagles are light weight.

If your Paramount and dominating thought is how wealthy you may be,
It will show you how spiritually lazy you become.

Jer 7:1-11(NLT)
The Church of Eli in Shiloh
The more many graduated from the back seat to the front,
The more dead in spirit they becomes.

The question is :
“why do you look for another to do deliverance,healing for you when you too can.

Joel 2:28 says:
” God will pour out His spirit upon your sons and daughters,and they shall prophecy,
Yes we are doing that,THANK GOD.
Even doing it wonderfully.

What about healing,deliverance.
“Physical manifestation aspect”
It’s absent.

JESUS said,”I have given YOU,YOU,YOU,
Power,to trample upon serpent and scorpions.

Do you know what Our Lord is saying here?
Jesus is talking about:
– powers many cannot control,
-Powers you cannot confront alone,
-Powers that bites to death without remorse..

He said,
They are under your feets,

I decree NOW,
Power to trample upon , any rage of darkness,enter you now,now now.

But nowadays,
The devil is mocking the power of God in us.
God said,the lame,the blind will not build the city,
King David rose up at once and wipe them out.

Now,the lame,blind,deaf are having their own section in our services.
Do you know what the devil is showing us,
We keep them as a sign of our weakness.

God is looking for men and women who He will impart His powers on.
-Where Are you?
-Where are the Elisha’s?
-Where are the Joshua’s?
-Where are the Apostles of our time?

How could we have degenerated to this level we are now.
It is because of Sin.

Sin turns away the face of God.
He cannot even bear seeing His Son suffering for the sin of the world on the Cross.

Sin makes the vision dark.
Sin makes the Angels keep their distance.
Sin kills.
Sin put a man in bondage.

Where there is once fire,
Now is ashes.
Go back to Shiloh,
It’s like nowadays,

Some still think they “have it”
Just because it’s looking rosy.
Whereas the God of the Ark has departed.

It happened in 1 Samuel 4:3-
Where They were totally defeated.

Today’s message is for you all to come back to Christ.
Many think they are in Christ,
No,beloved,you are in Doctrines.

Many think they are in Christ,
No,you are in Religion.

Many think they are in Christ,
No,you are in Denomination

Self Righteousness is everywhere.
Me,myself,my congregation.
My church.

The last time I check my bible,
It was written there,
In Ephesians 6:12
We are not fighting Flesh and Blood.

But Church is fighting Church.
Pastors ganging against another pastor.
All in the name of self righteousness.

Jesus gave us a STRONG word of advice,He said,in Matt 12:30
“He who is not with me is against me,
He who does not gather with me is a destroyer.”

So,ask yourself,ARE YOU A DESTROYER?
– do you destroy others with your mouth?
-look at others with Indignation.
-wash others down with your eyes.
IF you are guilty of this,
God is a powerful friend,and a dangerous enemy.
The psalmist says,it’s a DANGEROUS thing to fall into the hands of God.
It’s only Him who can save and throw to hell.

We must ALL return to Christ.
Pick our Cross and begin to follow Him.
Not follow any church doctrine.
Because whatever doctrines that’s against the Cross,is not of Christ.

Lastly,I want to leave you with the advice given by Apostle Peter:-
1 Peter 2:1-6.

Think after reading this message and take the necessary actions today,
The trumpet may blow at anytime.

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