Scripture Reading:-
Matt 13:1-9

Today,is our thanksgiving Sunday.
I am going to go straight to the point.

-How many are really happy to give God a heart of praise and thanksgiving today?

It is not on God for you not to be able to really say thank you to your maker,it is your acts and action.

“Whatever you sow,you will reap”.

Ezekiel 14:1-8(NLT)
Many blame their teachers for their failure.
Many blames their parents for their failure.
Many blames the society for their failures.
Many even blames their husband and wife.
They don’t take responsibility.

You must take responsibility for your errors and your mistake.

2 Sam 11:1-
Look at David and Beersheba,
He could have blamed her for
-bathing in the open
-not using contraceptives
-being too beautiful to resist.
No,he took responsibility
Psalm 51:3-4

If you fail to prepare,
You prepared to fail.

There are protocols in life.
The bible says,
If you do this,you get that.

So we are back in class 101
Fill in the links below…..

-Mal 3:8-11
Summarise thus,
Pay your tithe,what happens………
(a window of blessings is open)

So if you eat your tithe………………
you are a thief,
and what happens to thief…..
You are handed over to satan to torture your finance.

-Exodus 20:12
Honour your father and mother…..
What do you get?
-you get Long life.
So when you dishonour,
what do you get….

-study well,and get yourself approved,and rightfully,you divide the words without missing it
(Wisdom and Understand).
But if you don’t study,
If you played away and refused to study,what do you get………

-You Honour and respect your boss,you get favour,
and when you abuse your boss,
you get what?…………sacked.

Do you want more:
Proverbs 23:1-14.
So ask yourself,
Why did the consequences were filled after every verse.

Many will be upset today,
Why,it is a hard message.

Look at Acts 7:57
Stephen preached out a hard message to them,
They cried out with a loud voice,and stopped their ears,and ran upon him with one accord.

You are the one who decides if you want to be fulfilled or not.
You have the Tap of life in your hands.

It is you who decides,whether to:
-open it full
-open it half
-or dripping.

So why are you blaming others.
Every actions you take is followed by consequences.

Go and destroy all the Amalekites.
It’s a simple assignment given to King Saul.
King Saul said yes,I will.
Did he fulfilled it fully?

Half obedience is disobedient.
Your present situation is from you,no one else.

Every day,you use your money to buy cigarette.
On the cover,it is written “it may give you cancer”.
It kills.

And now you have cancer,
you are complaining about your peers who lured you into smoking.

Is it?
No,it is you who refused to heed to the words of wisdom on the cigarette pack.

Words of Wisdom is everywhere.
But we don’t listen.

Proverbs 8:1
Wisdom is crying day and night,and you are refusing to hear.
Listen beloved,there is a harvest.

So let me ask you a question:
Can you love somebody you don’t respect?
Or turn it around,
Can you respect somebody you don’t love?

So if you don’t handle your responsibility,no one will love you.
There is free will for every action.

You may decide to sit at home,watch tv all the day and collect social allowance.
The harvest:
-Scanty bread of affliction.

Let us Look at Freedom and Responsibility.
You have the freedom of choice but many do not want the responsibility of their choices.

Whatever you sow,you shall reap.
There is a harvest,for every of your actions.

Tell your neighbour,
There is a harvest.

Every time we gather together,
And it is deliverance time,
I have noticed something strange,
And I have looked at the recordings.

Many of you that catches the fire,
don’t start asking the Lord when the real time comes,
They started as soon as the program starts.

And that’s why it does not take God 1 minute to touch and fill them.
Whereas,many comes and went back,
Not feeling anything.

It is in the mind,
Am telling you today,
There is a harvest.

Rise up beloved,
Sing this song:-

Draw me close to you..

Turn it into prayer.
Ask the Lord to draw you closer,so that you can have full testimony.

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