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We have been looking at events that happened in 1Sam 2,3,4.
And the whole church of Eli in Shiloh.

We have looked into how to identify them.
The purpose of this whole long epistle to you all is to:-
-identify your enemy
-identify factors against your empowerment.
-and fulfill the mission accorded to us as believers.

But today we want to look at the reason behind the failure of Eli.
Why did Eli failed as a pastor?
Why did he failed as a priest?
Why did he failed as a father?
Genesis 3:9
“And God called unto Adam,
(put your name there),
and said unto him,
“where art thou?

Daily, we are always asking for things from God,but now He is asking you back.
Was it that The Lord cannot see Adam?
Why are you hiding from Him when He is calling you.
This is a battle you must not win,RUNNING.

-Running from His will,
-Running from His voice.
Doing things the way it pleases us.

1 Sam 3:3 it says the Lamp of the Lord going out.
This contradicts the given commandment in Leviticus 6:13.

Do you noticed,
If they want to have party,
they will have the oil for the lamp.
If it’s celebration,oil will be provided.
But when it comes to God,
And His commitments to you,
When it comes to providing for the house of God,
Then it becomes 2 choices.

-which one pays me better.

Am praying for someone here:-
You will not run from His presence.

A sinner in the right place,
and a saint in the wrong place,
They are birds of the same feathers
They cannot receive their blessings

I want you to bow down your head and pray like this:
-My father,order my step,in the name of Jesus.

Back to Adam and Eve,
Look at the devil twisting God’s word:
-Satan quote the Word of God wrongly in Genesis 3:1
“Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden”.
But is that what God said in Gen 2:16-17?

Pray :-
Order my steps,
Order my Utterances,
Take away confusion from my life in the name of Jesus.

Eve did the same-
She included her own in Gen 3:3
“Neither shall Ye touch”
Did God instructed them not to touch?

God is calling many of you here today,
He is asking you these following questions:-
-are you in the place where I placed you?
-is this our agreement?
-is this what has become of you?
-why have you become those that says,”if you cannot beat them,join them”.
-why are you waging war against yourself?
-why are you in this condition?
-is money everything?

Pray:-My father,let me be in the right place at the right time.

God is asking you today,

This is a battle many are winning easily with God,
Running from what He told you to be doing.

ACTS 9:3-4,
the same question He asked Apostle Paul,
He is asking you beloved:
“why are you doing this to me”
Why are you hiding from me.

I have committed many lives unto your hand,
Should they perish without you showing them the way?

Many lived a wasted life in the bible
And we still have them around now.
They dressed very well on Sunday Services,
Because, to them, ‘doing church’ is the main thing.
In the bible,
-Judas Iscariots and many others lived a wasted lives.
They never fulfilled their heavenly missions.
They were wasted by mammon so of this world.

-glory of men etc.

You may be in the place God want you to be BUT not in the CONDITION He wants you to be.(Hebrew 5:12)

Nowadays,we have babies in the house of God,
Big men wearing diapers.
They hate when you preach Holiness within and without.
Very stubborn men and women.

Their logo is:-
“It must go my way ”
Those who hates the ministry of Holiness runs to churches where they will dance and be pampered,
Churches without discipline.

The Lord is asking you today:

There is a difference between having the bible in your brain and in your spirit.

The bible in the brain cannot make you a born again.
Whereas the bible in the Spirit makes you to be born again and you have power over darkness.

Micah 3:8 says,
‘But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the Lord, and of judgment, and of might, to declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.

Notice 3 things that makes empowers you:
-the Spirit of the Lord,
-the power of sound judgement of the Lord(Discerning so you will not fail).
-His Might.

Many are spiritually sick,
Many love to dance to unclean praise.
And churches are full of malaria patients today,
running between hot and cold.

Today,they are on fire,
tommorrow,they are calling for pity party.

Spiritual kwashiorkor ,
Spiritual masquerade,
Spiritual Chameleon,
Men and women so clever in their ways that it takes long time sometimes to figure them out.

Many can be likened to this parable:-
2 men went into a bar,got drunk,
And they forgot they came with a boat.

When time to go home came,
they entered their boat
And begin to paddle,
And they begin to wonder why the boat was not moving.

Forgetting they had tied the boat to the harbour with a rope.
That is why many cannot move,
bc their sin is tying them down.
2 EXAMPLES OF MEN who wanted to avoid the place God wanted them to be:-

I Kings 17:2,
God continued to talk to Elijah,
leave this place,
go beyond that place,Zarepath.

Where God asked him to go is a place of power and provision.
God will never allow you to be moving aimlessly,like a vagabond .

It is a tragedy for a man to be running away from his creator

Are you looking for the church of Eli or the church of the Cross?

2Kings 5:9-12,
He wanted to go away from his place of healing.
He wanted to go to Abana and Pharpar,
But God had appointment with River Jordan.

Don’t allow the devil to waste your lives,
It is a disaster for a man to look into his life
And see he has been wasting his life.

Don’t sift these message you are hearing,(or reading),
to pick the ones you like.
The totality of Gods word MUST be taken seriously,
Whether it is convenient or not.

Wasters of destiny shall not waste me.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death”.

There is no true happiness when you are outside the will of God
Pleasing God is doing his will.

If you are in a place of divine appointment, miracles and breakthrough will flows.

That little boy,with 5 loaves of bread and 2 little fishes,
Can never believed he can feed 5,000 people.(John 6:9)

Running from God’s will for you is a battle you must never try to win
The question is “Are you ready?
(I give you one minute to talk to your creator)

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