Go Extra Miles


Working Scripture
Prov 24:1-10

There is a powerful spirit known as the spirit of confusion.
Many are behaving as if they are under a spell or hypnotism.
Chaos,disorder,purposelessness are the order of the day in many lives

My father,let my life continually confuse my enemies

Many xtians have prophetic agenda over their lives,but they don’t have power or their power is fading out to pursue them.
There is a reward for accurate perception
Accurate perception of your situation and the blessings therein.

There is the uniqueness of the grace of God in that situation you are in.
You must be able to Perceive,
Perceive,the presence of God in your life.

2 Kings 4:8-10
-The woman of Shunem providing a house for the prophet.
She took time to study to know the Uniqueness of the power of God in Elisha

She said,he was different,
“I perceive this is a great man of God,
let us make for him a prophet chamber”.

With that singular revelation,
3 things happened to her household:-
-moved from barrenness to fruitfulness.
-moved her son from death to ressurection.
-from famine to fruitfulness.
She received 7 year’s harvest she did not labour for.

Tell your neighbor :-
I will not retire,I will not give up,
I will refire,in Jesus name.

Her act of generosity helped her tapped into his power.

-Elisha pouring water for Elijah
Elisha followed Elijah through to the end,
The sons of the prophet,
Despite studying prophecy,
They cannot tap into the greatness around them.

They are just studying,not discerning.
So,the question is :-
“Where is the grace to go extra mile”?
It’s absent in their lives.

3 things to be learned from them:-
-No ability
-No traffic jam
-Extra long patience is absent.

Look inward,beloved,
not outward.
Your friends may say you are a fool,
Ignore them.
Soon,they will gather around and celebrate you.

Bow down your head and ask the Lord for:
-The grace to go extra mile,fill me

The 10 virgins(Matt 25:1-13)
-Holiness is not their problem
-Living right is there,
But the 5 virgins missed what we are talking about.
Hanging around a little more.
Ability to go extra mile


Going extra mile sometimes is difficult
-it’s always extra long,and,
-side comment tires and weary men.

5 Facts that will help you:-
1-God never comes late
He comes in when things look hopeless,
When doctors hang up,
and lawyers say no hope again.(Eccl 7:14)

2-Don’t get confused/bitter because of what you are passing through.
Bitterness and praying does not go together.

3-Do not disintegrate.
Going into your shell.
The result:-
Your response to anything is anger and hatred.

4-Don’t ever make statement of failure.
-“nobody cares about me”
-“everybody seems to be against me”
-“nobody cares whether I live or die anyway.
What you are saying is that life is not worth the trouble.

5-Don’t pray wrong prayer like Elijah and Mosses.
1 Kings 19
Numbers 11.

If you embark in any of these 5 things beloved,
-your thinking will be affected.
-your actions will be wrong.
-you end up in wrong place.
-wrong spirit enters and dominate the soul.
Hearing from God becomes a thing of the past.

Learn from the life of King Saul.
Inability to hold on,
Inability to go extra mile of Patience,
Makes him and his household loose the kingship.

Let us rise up beloved.

-anyone collecting my glory,
Any personality, harvesting my effort,you are a liar,die.

-powers,masquerading to derail New Arrivals Holiness Ministries,be paralised.

-by the cry of Calvary,I destroyed my destroyers.

-My Abraham,come out of your fathers place.
Out of the Dark places of this world.

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