Message Title:-
“With Instructions Comes Distractions”
Scripture Reading:-
1-Prov 1:10(Enticement )
2-Luke 11:28(Hearing and Keeping)
3-1 John 5:7-15

Beloved,we have just read 2 great verses instructing us about how to live and not break your fellowshipping with God.

What do you see in those verses:-
-don’t be carried away by glamour of this world
-keep Gods commandment
-then you are blessed.

Working Scripture:-
Gen 22:1-8
1 Sam 16:1

Brethen,put this 2 scriptures in your heart,

2 men were called,and given instructions:
-one obeyed fully,
-the other obeyed partially

So,the big question is:-
“why was King Saul rejected”

Last week,
The Lord was showing us how to guide our lives and destiny from loosing its FLAVOUR.(When Salt looses its taste message)

I want to talk today about your self choice and God choice.
The instructions of God in your life is always clear.

Distraction is a terrible disease and a very powerful weapon in the hand of the enemy of our soul.

The devil knows that distracted people cannot commune with their God properly or hear His voice.

To know the level of your faith is to measure how easily you are distracted.

Distraction power turns winners into beggars.
This power demotes the promoted.

Any power,that is pushing you,to make wrong choices,shall be disgraced today.

These are powers that :-
-cut off the wings of an eagle.
-that fast track men from success to failure .
-encourages frustration and discouragement in men.

Any man who cannot fulfilled his or her destiny has come to this world in vain.

So beloved,”How are you going to fully expressed the purpose of why you are here”.

Devil is after xtians,to derail us by all means.
It is now left for you and I to fight back.

Tell your neighbor
“If you hold on to error,
You will find terror”.

From the days of John the Baptist,
the kingdom of Jesus suffereth violence,and is still under the violent attacks.

The sign of a good church,is not how many are worshipping there,
-It is how many lives are changing for the good.
-How many lives are truly submitting themselves to the true Jesus.

I thank the Lord,for the lives of all the members of NAHM,
Your lives are a testimonies to other believers out there.

Powers,cutting the wings of my eagle,catch fire.
1 Sam 15:1-3
Did he hearkened?NO

He makes poor choices when time presented themselves .
“Because of people”

The instructions was very clear:
Go and wipe out the Amalekites,
Don’t spare anything.
Not even animals.
Did he hearken fully?No.

Half obedience is disobedience.
Many who are paying tithes are not receiving the full benefit,why?
Mal 3:10 says bring ye all the tithes,
Not some,not half.

Do you know the difference between Burglary and Robbery?
-breaking into someone’s property is burglary.
-at gun point,taking something from another is Robbery.

So,if you are not paying tithe,you see what you are doing to your creator.
“You are an Armed robber”.

Many are trusting God to
-bless them
-give them resident permit
-heal them
-make them fruitful,
But they cannot trust Him when it comes to tithe.(Mal 3:9)

So if you are not a tither,you will hate tithe announcement.
If you are not a worshipper,you will hate worship time
Let us go back to King Saul again
-In 1 Sam 13:8-11
He rushed to do the sacrifice,why?
-Bc he said he saw the people scattered from him.

Poor choice again,
Bc of the people

1 Sam 15:14-15,24
-Bc of the people,
-Bc of your friend.
When will you learn?

“With every instructions from heaven comes distractions”

Who are the people you are surrounding yourself with?

Men and women who are there to distract you,and derail you.
-Impatient people,
-Rebellious people
-People who will compel you,
against the Lord.

You must get out of that Unholy alliance today.
Get this word of wisdom and print it in the soul of your heart:-

“Great eagles fly alone,
Great lions hunt alone,
Great souls walk alone”.

Many are there ONLY to ruin you.
“With instructions comes destructions”.

John 6:66
From that time,ANTI CHRIST(666)enter into their midst.

Wherever we have the church of God,
The Synagogue of satan is not far.

Judas Iscariot means Assasin.
Jesus did not made the mistake,
He prayed all night,
But the father said,he (judas) is PART OF THE PACKAGE,

Judas never see power
All he saw was how to fill his pocket.
Look at John 12:4-6

Selfish people never understand generosity.
Carnal mind look at giving as a cost
Extravagant givers never see what they give as a cost.

In that Instructions God have given you,what do you see?
-do you see the Lord,or you see loss.(I.e when you take action,it is a waste)
-profit or loss
-grab opportunities or loose opportunities.

John 7:3
Don’t allow men to influence your decision
Your time may not have come yet,
Love your silence,
Until the day of your showing forth.

Don’t forget you have a father who sees in secret
If you Plan everything in His way,
The world cannot destroy you.
Eccl 9:11
You,yourself know you cannot run far,
Why should you allow Men to think you can run far.
Don’t run BF your time.

I refused spiritual crash landing
( when heaven becomes a brass)
Do you know that, you,
Coming in contact with some people initiates
“mystery of iniquities” in your lives.

“With Instructions comes distractions.

What do you think happened to the 3 wise men In Matt chapter 2?
-they,for a short moment digress from the star leading them.

They seek favour in the high places,
i.e the palace.
And They were lost,
to the glamour of the palace.

So ask yourself:
-Where your expectations are,
Are they divine?

Vs 10,of Matt chapter 2 says,
“they were EXCEEDINGLY GLAD when they came in contact with the star”.

I pray,
You will not run yourself to Disaster,in the name of Jesus.

Amos 2:10-16
This is what happens,when you leave God out of your actions.
Remember,the arm of flesh can never help.

There is grace in “ACTION”
-Riches are not for men of Understanding
-Bread is not for the wise
Because you are wise does not mean you will be rich.(Ecll 9:13-15)

So ask yourself tonight:-
What will distinguish you from the rest of the world?
What will show to the world that you are special?


1-ONLY WHEN GOD SHOW YOU,forth.(makes you)

Gen 28:10:19
Bethel was the place,Jacob met the Lord,
He erected an Altar and dedicated Bethel to the Lord,
And from that day,that’s the acceptable place in Israel.

And now,a king by the name of Jeroboam decided to distract Gods children.

He erected an idol in Bethel,
to worship his gods,
And erected another in Dan,

But note this beloved,
God was not interested in the altars in Dan,
Because nobody handover Dan to Him,
He was only interested in Bethel,
Because it’s a place of Covenant,
between Him and Jacob.

God may be angry with you as you are sitting down now,
Because you yourself is allowing men and women to tamper with the Covenant God had with you.

Look at King David,
He followed the instructions from heaven
He provided huge sums of money to build the Temple,
And he knew he will never worship there for one day.

Can you do that?
Provide for another person even if you will not be appreciated.

Look at John 12:7 again
The woman prepared the body of Christ for burial.
Do you understand?

Let us confirm it from Mark 16:1
He was hurriedly buried and was not Annointed for burial.
But they have forgotten that that happened in John 12:3

” Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.

If she had not followed the instructions she received from heaven,and prepared Jesus for the journey ahead,what would have happened?

Look at King Saul again beloved,
Do you noticed that what brought him to the Lord took him away from the Lord.
-Sheep.( 1 Sam 9 & 15)

That’s what is called in plain English:
(coveting the fattest ram)
It’s in the blood.

Be careful,not to be distracted from your source of joy.
Be careful not to be driven to and fro with very doctrine of this world.
With every Instruction comes distractions.

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